Governing Council Members
Governing Council Members
The Council
The Council of Ipetu Ijesa College of Technology is the principal organ of the College and is charged with the general control and superintendence of the policy, finance and property of the college, including its public relations. The membership of the Council as provided in the college's law is as follows:
  1. Chairman of Council;
  2. Visitor of institution (Royal Father of the Town);
  3. President (proprietor/ founder)
  4. Rector
  5. Representatives of different organization and ministry;
  6. Representative of the Ministry of Education;
  7. persons appointed by the Visitor to represent the interest of the people of Ipetu Ijesa Land (two members);
  8. 2 persons to represent Congregation;
  9. 2 persons to represent board (NBTE);
  10. Alumni which is represented by the President who was duly elected and sworn into office in accordance with the ICOTECH Alumni Association Constitution and
  11. Registrar as Secretary, but not a member
The following shall be in attendance at the meeting of Council: Bursar; and College Librarian
Functions of Council
The functions of the Council of Ipetu Ijesa College of Technology include to:
  1. Govern, manage, and regulate the finances, account, investment, property, business and all affairs whatsoever of the college. and for that purpose appoint bankers and any other officers or agents whom it deems expedient to appoint and cause proper books of  accounts to be kept for all sums of monies received and expended by the college and for the assets and liabilities of the college,  so that such books give true and fair view of the state of the affairs of the college and explain its transaction;
  2. Cause annual report published by the college together with certified copies of the said accounts as audited;
  3. Participate in the making, amendment or revocation of the statutes of the college in accordance with the provisions of the law;
  4. Borrow money on behalf of the college with the full consent and approval of the proprietor;
  5. Invest any money belonging to the college;
  6. Sell, buy, exchange, lease or accept lease of any real or personal property on behalf of the college prior to the approval of the proprietor and the chairman;
  7. Provide the buildings, libraries, laboratories, premises, furniture, apparatus and other equipment needed to carry out the work of the college enter into, vary, perform and cancel contracts on behalf of the college;
  8. Facilitate  other institutions or branches or department thereof and to recognize selected members thereof  as teachers of the college, and to admit the members therefore to any of the privileges of the college and to accept attendance at courses of study in such institutions, branches or departments thereof  in place of such past attendance of course of study in the college such terms and conditions and subjects to such regulations as may from time to time be determined by the college;
  9. Enter into agreement for the incorporation in the college of any other institutions and for taking over its rights, property and liabilities and for any other purpose not repugnant to the college law;
  10. Save as otherwise provided, to appoint all members of academic staff, the Bursar, the Registrar and the University Librarian on the recommendation of the appropriate Appointment and Promotions  Committee, on such terms as the Council may determine;
  11. Appoint all members of the staff other than those for whom specific method of appointment is otherwise provided;
  12. Provide for the welfare of all persons employed by the college and the wives, widows and dependents of such persons including the payment of money, pensions or other payments and to subscribe to benevolent and other funds for the benefits of such persons;call for reports from the board of academics on any matter relating to other instructions and teaching in the college;
  13. Encourage and make provisions for research within the college;
  14. Exercise all such powers as are or may be conferred on the Council by the college law or statutes and to carry the law and the statutes into effect;
  15. Ensure that proper accounts of the college are kept and that the accounts of the college are audited annually by auditors appointed by the Council from the list and in accordance with guidelines supplied by the Auditor General of the State; and that annual report together with certified copies of the audited accounts are submitted to the  proprietor and the not later than four months after the end of the preceding financial year;
  16. Select a seal, arms and mace for the college, and to have the sole use and custody of the seal;
  17. Do all such acts, or things, that are incidental to the foregoing powers, as may advance the objects of college;
  18. Provide for the printing and publication of research and other works which may be issued by the  ollege; and take into consideration, and, if the Council deems it proper so to do, to give effect to reports from the academic Board on those matters upon which the board is authorized or required by statute or the law to make reports.


Monday Awulu
(B.Sc in Accounting (Unijos), MBA Lasu, Fellow ICAN, Alumni of Harvard Business School,
Managing Director and CEO of Saro Agro Allied Nigeria)
(HND (Bida), PGDM (Kano), B.Sc (Owo), MBA (Kano), MNISM, ACIPM)


Mr. Aladesuru Oluwasola Emman
(Masters in Personnel Psychology(MPP, Uni Ibadan 2002) PGDE 2005,   
B.SC Bus Administration 2016, HND Bus Admin & Mgt 1997)
(Ag. Registrar & Governing Council Secretary) 
Chief James .O. Owoseni
(CEO of Sentec Nigeria Limited, Lagos)
Chief Dele Ajayi
(General Manager Uniq F.M, Ilesa, Osun State)
Mr. Ebenezer Kayode
Otunba Jare AYO Martins
(Manager, Freedom Television, a subsidiary of TVC, Lagos)
Professor Ekundare
(Professor in English)
Otemuyiwa Boluwatife Esq
((LL.B (OAU),  BL, PMP) legal Adviser On Council Matters)